Photo.pngWelcome to the Acquisition / Psycholinguistics Lab at the Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University.  Our research interest is mainly on the syntactic/semantic aspects of first or second language acquisition, and sentence processing by normal adults and brain-damaged patients as well as children with developmental disorders.  We conduct a range of studies using child language corpus, behavioral tasks (including comprehension tasks, elicited production tasks, acceptability judgment tasks, and self-paced reading tasks), as well as real-time eye-tracking and ERP (event-related potential) paradigms (with facilities in the interdisciplinary research center on campus)

If you are interested in joining in the lab, please contact Professor Yi-ching Su (ycsu@mx.nthu.edu.tw). 有興趣以語言習得(包含兒童語言習得及二語習得)或心理語言學為論文研究方向者請儘早與蘇老師討論,以便及早做規劃(最好碩一開始修相關課程)。一般需要修2-3門相關課程才有足夠的基礎,能掌握議題相關理論/假設。