Lab Director:

蘇宜青 (Yi-ching Josephine Su)


Current members:

Full-time research assistant


Graduate students

康羅拉 Laura Marie Olivo (lab manager)

石田智裕 Tomohiro Ishida

Undergraduate students


Graduates / Former students

MA thesis supervision

陳祉諭 Tzu-Yu Chen (2019) An empirical study of subject-object asymmetry in
Mandarin Chinese doubly-embedded relative clauses

謝和耘 Ho-Yun Hsieh (2018) Overt Pronouns in English and Mandarin Second Language Acquisition: Evidence from Backward Anaphora and Overt Pronoun Constraint

陳姿伶 Tzu-Ling Chen (2018) Comprehension and Production of Reflexives by Second Language Learners of Chinese and English

唐駿 Devin Tankersley (2018) Cross-Modality Learning and Pronoun Interpretation: a case study of Taiwan Sign Language (currently a PhD student at the University of New Mexico)

段雨柔 Yu-Rou Tuan (2017) The Acquisition of Modality in Child Mandarin

陳薏安 I-An Tan (2016) The Syntax of Nominal Phrases with -uy in Korean: From the Perspective of Predication (co-advisor: Luther Chen-Sheng Liu) (currently at the PhD program of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem under the supervision of Prof Yosef Grodzinsky)

陳姝潔 Shu-Chieh Chen (2015) The Role of Connectives on Sentence Comprehension in Chinese

鄭潔之 Chieh-Chih Cheng (2014) A Developmental Study on the Non-Interrogative Interpretations of Mandarin Wh-words

蘇怡樺 Yi-Hua Su (2011) Sentence Interpretation of VP Ellipsis Construction and Null Object Construction in Mandarin Chinese: A Comparison between Children and Adults

王筱筠 Hsiao-Yun Wang (2010) The Abilities of Retrieving Nouns and Verbs in Chinese Speaking Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases

何維哲 Wei-Zhe He (2010) The Noun-Verb Deficits in Chinese-Speaking Aphasics

賴敬宗 Ching-Tsung Lai (2008) On the Explanatory Strength of Distributional Analysis for Early Language Acquisition: A Case Study

黃恆銘 Heng-Ming Huang (2008) Syntactic Displacement and Asyntactic Thematic Role Assignment in Mandarin Chinese-Speaking Aphasics: Evidence from Their Production and Comprehension

毛凱琳 Hoi-Lam Mou (2008) A study on Cantonese restrictive and additive focus final particles in child acquisition

郭貞秀 Chen-Hsiu Grace Kuo (2006) Mandarin Non-Canonical Word Orders in Sentence Processing (PhD in 2013 from UCLA, currently an assistant professor at National Taiwan University)

吳曉惠 Hsiao-Hui Wu (2006) The Acquisition of the Bei-Construction in Mandarin Chinese: A Rule-Based or an Item-Based Way

陳秀詩 Hsiu-Shi Chen (2006) Acquisition of Novel Causative and Inchoative Verb Alternation in Mandarin Chinese

BA thesis supervision

謝憶玟 Yi-Wen Hsieh (2019) 中文失語法症病人及兒童對不同詞序句型的語句理解

鄭潔之 Chieh-Chih Cheng (2011) A Corpus Study on the Use of Bare Verbs for Future Temporal Reference in English Child Language:

王筱筠 Hsiao-Yun Wang (2006) The Acquisition of Negation in Child Mandarin